Technical Support

While our spectrum of products are designed to be user friendly and easy to use, Technical support is a vital part of any software product.  One of the best ways you can learn a product is working with one of our support representatives to learn about new features, budgeting and scheduling methods in order to get the most out of your purchase.  Our staff stands ready to assist you in your endeavors to mange your business more effectively and to help you along the way as you dive deeper into the rich features the product offers. 

Technical Support

Annual Support

A & B Express Products offers an Annual Support program for stand alone and Enterprise customers that is reasonably priced, and unlike many other software products, updates are included in the Annual Support fee. Our ExpressTime Online customers receive support as part of the monthly access fees.  Questions often arise on how to setup a certain feature or how to manipulate the data, reports, or setup to give the desired results. The support program enables you to call us toll free when you need assistance using the various components of the software. Our ExpressTime staff members are experts in using the program and can answer your questions directly and accurately to ensure you are getting the most out of the system. We strongly encourage ExpressTime users to stay current on their annual support and updates so they can take advantage of the knowledge gained by calling for help, and enhancements made to the program through updates.

The support and update fee is based on how many lines the ExpressTime user is licensed to use. The annual support fee is invoiced each year and mailed to the ExpressTime client. For specific pricing contact one of our ExpressTime Team members. They will be happy to give you a quote.


Downloads of our updates are included in the support or access fees.  We strongly recommend you keep your system current and would welcome you to check the Updates area of the site to understand what version of the software is most current.  Because some versions of the software make database changes and add additional functionality, we would like you to contact us and allow our technicians the opportunity to look at your system and decide what is necessary to update your ExpressTime products to the latest version.  If you have a larger network, the software updates will need to be made to all workstations and the server running ExpressTime. Support questions may be submitted by phone or email - see Contact Us for more information.


3rd Party products

While we may provide recommended settings for the Windows operating systems, we cannot provide support for 3rd party products including operating systems, network components and hardware. Please refer to an onsite computer technician for support pertaining to operating your computer(s).

Please insure the following items before calling support:

  1. Your operating system (Windows 10,  Server 2016 or newer) has been installed by your technician.
    Note: Windows Vista is strongly not recommended
  2. Caller ID Deluxe (ID by name) has been enabled on your dedicated phone line(s) by your telephone provider.
  3. Rollover from Line 1 to the subsequent line(s) has been enabled by your telephone provider (for ExpressTime users running more than 1 line.)
  4. Your onsite technician has followed installation instructions provided on the ExpressTime CD (for questions pertaining to a new install.)

Billable Support

In the event that the support we provide goes beyond working within the ExpressTime Datamanager or the ExpressTime monitor, it is considered billable at our current hourly rate and payable through a credit card payment at the time of the call or resolution of the matter.

Any modification of a report (customizing) is billable at our current hourly rate with a minimum charge of an hour.

New Installation/Moving to a New Computer

If you are having problems installing one of our products, make sure you review the installation guide and help system. It is recommended that new installations be done by an onsite technician, preferably during our office hours in case questions arise that your technician needs to discuss with us. A new installation is typically a low level of difficulty and takes about 1-2 hours. View system requirements

We will be happy to assist you in moving/upgrading your ExpressTime server.  However, you will need to schedule an appointment so a dedicated person can be assigned to your server transfer.  This insures the dialogic card and drivers are installed and your ExpressTime database is current so you can take advantage of all the new features that have been added.

Appointments need to be scheduled at least 2 days in advance so we can reserve a block of time for you. Installs are not available Friday, Saturday or Sunday. There will be a server move/upgrade fee involved with moving to a new server.